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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Why is everyone calling the show misogynistic? A few of the characters were misogynistic. Ok, sure, every male involved with Sierra in any way except Victor was like some cartoon super-villain representation of something dreamed up out of the collective consciousness of participants at a Take Back the Night rally. But the show itself was, like every other Whedon thing, essentially about some chick kicking ass. Empowerment and what-not.
Female Viewers didn't see it that way in the beginning, they were outraged by the Prostitution and subjugation of the Dolls. I always felt in the end, the subjugated Dolls would bring down the houses, free themselves and be victorious and justify all that mysogynistic set up, but, the female viewers got turned off early, and didn't stick around long enough for that to play out.
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