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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dollhouse had its moments; it also had its problems. Personally the Boyd twist was brilliant and inspired, but ultimately poorly executed; not enough follow-through. And any physical, tangible explanation for Echo's resistance undermined the original point of the show.

Still, I really liked a lot of the episodes, especially "The Attic" and the two "Epitaphs." The second one was a minor marvel in that it set up a totally new world in a series finale, wrapped up old plot threads, and gave us a good emotional send-off, too. Plus I love Alpha being good.

Ultimately, however, the show was betrayed by its own premise, since it never had unanimous Whedonite support, and it never pulled in anyone else. Too weird for the mainstream, too dark/misogynistic/un-familial for the hardcore fans. Since it was the prospect of DVD money that helped get the show a second season, that drop-off in the fandom was the last straw.
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