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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I really enjoyed Dollhouse too. I remember watching the first season as it aired and enjoying the show up until it's revealed that Mellie was a doll. I had known the actress had been cast to play a doll, but that info had been given out back before Joss decided to cannibalize the original pilot episode and restructure the whole flow of the show. The original pilot is on the DVDs and, having watched it, I'm glad Joss did what he did because I didn't think the pilot was anywhere near as strong as the show itself was. So, I kept thinking Mellie's a doll because of how I had read the actress was originally going to be a doll. But Joss did the rape&murder scene so well and so brutally that I convinced myself she wasn't a doll and was expecting her to be killed, and then blam, she actually is a doll. For the show to surprise me by doing something I had been expecting really impressed me. And it was that moment I totally fell for the show.

In terms of the twist in season two of Boyd being the Rossum Corp. founder, I like the twist, but I think it would have worked better if they had had more time to fill it out a bit more. I've read that Joss hadn't decided on making Boyd the founder until he began writing season season two. Maybe that's why it feels a little bit off.

I loved getting some Felicia Day in Dollhouse. That makes her one of the exclusive Whedon hat-tricks (actors that appear in three Whedon works) for being in Buffy, Dollhouse, and Dr. Horrible.
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