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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I actually preferred season 6 to season 7 - season 6 was mostly brain-numbingly stupid, but enjoyable in the same way season 1 was for me - brainless stupid fun. Season 7 was just tedious - with even fewer exceptions than there were to season 6's sucking.

Regarding the hipness/trendiness of the show .. I've got the same problem with Buffy that I've got with Firefly, in that the dialogue for me is actually almost too good. I've been in the company of some pretty witty people (this is me, once again, sucking up to my master GKE - among other people), but the way characters on Joss shows often have once-in-a-lifetime comebacks ready for the most unpredictable insults and the such is .. awesome, but not quite lifelike.

(Which is maybe a bit of a shit complaint about a show that's about a girl called Buffy killing vampires)

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