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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar View Post
KoshF and KoshN, why would they let him have it on Centauri Prime, but not let him take it with him? Wouldn't they have eliminated it there, or at least kept him away from it, on CP as well, if they had fully realized the danger?
They have less control over Londo on Minbar than they do in their immediate presence on Londo's ship. A drink with dinner would be part of perfectly acceptable behavior for Londo. In fact, Londo not having a drink with dinner would look positively strange for all those who know him, and John and Delenn KNOW Londo. The Drakh probably figured that there would be no alcohol available to Londo on Minbar because of the Minbari reaction to alcohol, and hence it was relatively safe to let him go there.

Remember, they want him to deliver the Keeper, but don't want to raise suspicions by having Londo not acting like Londo, and we all know that Londo drinks.
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