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I was gonna post the same thing VL, and then I thought, maybe I was wrong and it was Talia in Gropos, but, Lise in Day of the Dead.

So, was it Talia in Gropos, or Lise as I initially thought?
See, exactly! We don't even know why he's not doing it!
Lise? That relationship was OVER. He left her, the end. It's immature to break it off with someone and then complain and whine and let it hinder your future happiness. Remember- it's not that they had an extremely long distance relationship- they were done. She moved on with her life and married two guys.

And Talia? All he had for her was a physical attraction or infatuation at best, with a very occassional flirtation- the kind of thing most men have with like a dozen women, which is meaningless. He was not in love with her.

Also, it was just stupid to have two episodes about Garibaldi refusing the sexual advances of the same woman.

And don't think I'm just reacting negatively to any scene where a dude turns down sex. Sheridan turning down the Nightwatch skank was awesome.
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