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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

This episode is interesting especially from the arc aspect - Psi Corps and the rogue telepaths tie into future developments including the fifth season (though I find the teeps here more simpatico than Byron and Co.!). We see Bester at his cruelest in the Mars scene, yet convinced that he is doing good and trying to get others to approve of him.

It's interesting to see the tie-in between Dr. Franklin's clinic in Down Below, previously established, and his work for the underground railway. I like those threads that carry over from one season to another.

By the way, did anyone else notice that the "Mary had a little lamb" poem was misquoted by the telepaths? They chanted "her fleece was white as snow" - the original has "its fleece". I wonder if that's a mistake or something intentional.

I find the joking Sheridan very annoying! I can feel with Ivanova in that situation - and when she finally thinks she can catch up on sleep, she's interrupted by Talia. That, however, is an interesting development in their relationship. I like the way it has built up very gradually, amost unwillingly - that makes it plausible.

Sheridan follows in Sinclair's footsteps in using Earth Gov's rules against them in his/B5's favour when he appropriates the credits for the extra rent from the budget - a nice touch!

One last thought - isn't it interesting that the scariest bad guys are those who are extremely polite?! Bester and Morden share that trait, and the contrast to their actions is deeply disturbing because of it.
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