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Re: Episode Discussion (EpDis) Thread Index

Hi all, just registered but a LONGTIME B5 fan (before it was even a series --- watched "The Gathering", then called just "Babylon 5" on old VHS!) and just wanted to say hi to you all!

Also, having rewatched "Deconstruction" again, I have to say that although I know it was "tacked on" in fears of cancellation, it really was, for me, the perfect ending to the series, and in many ways it's a pity it wasn't left to the end of season 5 (had JMS not access to a time machine, fgs?) --- I really have not seen a better "ending" to one of the most superlative works of TV drama (not just sci-fi) in my life.

If I was to award it a score out of 10, I'd give it 11 (except that that would be tinkering with the laws of mathematics, wouldn't it?)

Is this spoiler-free? Just in case, I won't say what I want to say, but the final scene in SIL still makes me cry (you know the one!)

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