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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

LOVE this one! The first A I give, actually. When we first hear of the underground, I think you will agree that we all mentally went "Susan." right away. But it's not, it's that quiet moral giant of a doctor. And that "Oops!" scene is classic! I love the underground teeps, the scene where they relate their experiences really makes us see how low the Corps will go, even as far as the forced impregnation of teenagers. Talia completely doesn't want to hear this, it's like finding out your parents are murderers, but she has the strength to accept it and stand with them. The illusion scene is brilliant. I'll always remember the first time I watched Talia open fire, completely believing it with my heart in my feet, like "Oh God....No." then the confusion as they're all standing there again! JMS was a cruel man somedays! Oh, and: "As a soldier I am honour-bound to uphold the law!" and Micheal: "Want, agree, that has nothing to do with it." In hindsight, ooh the irony!
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