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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

Of course, the most fundamental issue is that air, like everything wants to move in a straight line. That's the way its inertia is taking it. It is only because the hull is in the way that it doesn't continue moving tha way once the initial force is applied.

The air is constantly having force applied to it by the hull. And then that air moving transmits that force to the next layer of air, and so on. But the air is not an efficient transmitter of that energy. All of the turbulance is a source of drag.

Going back to the movement of water in rivers, the water continues in straight line until something forces it to change direction. If there is a bend in a river, a drifting boat that starts in the middle of the river does not stay in the middle as it goes around a bend. It goes to the outside of the bend, continueing straight ahead until it is close enough to the bank that the "rejector current" that is bouncing off of the bank can start pushing it away from the shore and redirect it. That truth about how the water moves is why there is always much more erosion on the outside of a river bend (that's the side where trees fall in because the ground has eroded away from their roots; the outside is also always the deeper side unless there are significant geologic reasons why not).

And the core shuttle cars didnt look that much more aerodynamic tome than present day metro cars, and I *know* they create a breeze.
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