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Re: EpDis: The Geometry Of Shadows


I think there are two psychologically distinct but physically identical species of Drazi. One half are the dumb, narrow-minded, gullible zealots seen in Parliament of Dreams, this episode, Rumours Bargains and Lies, the Paragon of Animals, and many others. The other half are the noble and self-sacrificing Drazi as portrayed in Matters of Honour, A Call to Arms, Shadow Dancing, Intersections in Real Time (kind of) etc. There doesn't seem to be any such a thing as an in-between Drazi, they're either one or the other.
I'd forgotten about their appearances in Matters of Honour and Intersections in Real Time. Into the Fire also had one of the Drazi ships sacrificing itself to save the White Star 2 from one of the Shadow rockets. So yes, they possibly do have more characterisation than I realised, although when I think of Drazi the first thing I think of is purple/green, and I don't know if that's such a good thing.
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