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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Regarding Thirdspace:
-Per davypi: Originally JMS had intended for it to fit between two specific episodes. However, according to dialogue in those episodes, Delenn was not on the station at that time yet she is in the movie. So the movie cannot actually fit where it was originally supposed to.
-The Lurker's analysis places "Thirdspace" after "The Illusion of Truth":
-Per mongd66: I think "Thirdspace" would slot in after "illusion of Truth" as Sheridan is surprised that IPX could get authorization to work on the artifact
-Per b5historyman: Moments of Transition. Tuesday May 20th - Monday September 1st 2261 (This story takes place over 4 months. Thirdspace June 2261 (The story takes place in the middle of 2261 from on screen narration. This is during the events of Moments of Transition [after Delenn returns to Babylon 5 from Minbar, Franklin is back from Mars and Lyta is not been coerced to rejoin Psi Corps]).
-Per an anonymous Fandom user: During Thirdspace, given the damage to the station and the significant expenditure of resources the incident depicted represents. The movie would sit comfortably within Moments of Transition, which spans four months.

While Thirdspace may not fit perfectly anywhere, after doing more research I'm starting to lean towards thinking b5historyman's placement may offer the best continuity. I'd love to hear more opinions though, including any continuity issues created by placing it during Moments of Transition.
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