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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Terry Jones(b5historyman) is one devoted fan, huge thanks for all your hard work! This order is from his Babylon 5 Historical Database as published in the 2008 book ACROSS TIME AND SPACE: The Chronologies of Babylon 5. Here's some of his ordering rationale notes:

However it appears to have a some minor continuity issues and doesn't always align to JMS's public comments:
1. "Sic Transit Vir" appears to go after "A Late Delivery from Avalon" per JMS here:
2. "War Without End" appears to go after "Walkabout" per JMS here:
3. "Thirdspace" appears to go after "The Illusion of Truth" based on the Lurker's analysis here:
4. "Day of the Dead" appears to go after "The Ragged Edge" based on discussion in this thread, the Lurker's analysis, and per JMS here:
5. "Ruling From the Tomb" appears to best go after "The Long Road" based on the order of Gideon/Lochley meetings and per JMS's later publications as described here:
I realize this conflicts with the banner date, hence either way a continuity issue exists.

Edit: I've referenced b5historyman(Terry Jones)'s order in the new Viewing Order page that I've created on Fandom:

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