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Re: Into the Fire Game Soundtrack

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I cam across this promotional watch for the game on the B5 reddit page:

Apparently there were also promotional mousepads and posters for the game as well, so perhaps the CD was among those promotional items, given away at a convention or something? I had never seen the watch before so I guess it's entirely possible there could be a CD I've not seen too.
OMG that is soooo hilarious!!!!! Thanks to this thread I actually just decided to take my watch out of the case I had it stored in and take it to have the battery removed. Yes I have one of the watches and it is still great. I've never worn it. I was actually told I was extremely lucky and that battery could have done serious damage and likely would have if I had left it in. I also have the poster. I can't recall if I have any of the other promotional items, but if there were only 5 CDs made I doubt they were promotional. More likely just in house for people who worked on it.

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