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Re: Dune

I watched Dune on Saturday, and came away really enjoying it. I think they did an excellent job making it feel big, epic, and also explaining things to the viewer a lot better than the David Lynch version. It felt like all the roles were cast really well, and the visuals, of course, were outstanding.

I think it did a really good job of adapting the source material, but making it more accessible and easier to follow for the non-hardcore fans. I always felt like the Dune novels weren't really a long, planned story, but that each were more like "thought experiments" or "thought exercises" in different settings, where the characters were very loosely tied to what went on in previous novels. The original book was really by far the best one and even that was clunky at times. I do feel this movie did a good job at smoothing out the rough parts.

It looks like it did really well at the Box Office (for the Pandemic) so I'd hope/expect that we get to see Part 2 in a couple of years.
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