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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

Originally Posted by Orion View Post
Originally Posted by Telepath View Post
which in my opinion was refering to the possible future in "War Without End 1", showing a Shadow fleet destroying B5
According to the original outline in vol.15 of the scriptbooks, the prophecy refers to Delenn and Sinclair leaving in a shuttle while the Minbari warrior caste attacks and destroys B5.
Interesting. I never read this. What would the backstory have been for that to have occurred and at what point in the series? I always understood that it was from the shadows attacking like the previous poster wrote.
Babylon 5 would have been destroyed at the end of the series, but instead of being decomissioned as in the finished product it was going to be destroyed by the Minbari, who were being led by the Warrior Caste with the Grey Council having been overthrown. They were trying to stop the Minbari's big prophecy, which the Warrior Caste interpreted to mean the end of the Minbari race (whereas the Religious Caste interpreted it to be the renewal of their race). Part of that prophecy involved Delenn and Sinclair having had a child together. The Minbari would destroy the station in an effort to kill their child before he could grow up and bring about the believed destruction of the Minbari race. Sinclair, Delenn, and their child would escape the destruction of the station on a shuttle.

That then would have been the set up for a spinoff that would involve Sinclair going back in time, grabbing Babylon 4, bringing it forward in time to use in the war against the Shadows (in the original outline, the Shadows wouldn't have been defeated during the five years of Babylon 5) and Earth would defeat the Minbari.
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