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Re: EpDis: Epiphanies

Ah, another very short episode thread! This is a good episode, though! Not quite as intense as the ones right before it, but there is still a lot of stuff going on.

I like the celebrations and fireworks and stuff. It's nice to see some happy times. Stuff is going to get serious again soon enough ...

Garibaldi stuff still really makes me nervous. It will continue to do so for the rest of the 4th season.

I find the Elvis impersonators arriving just as Zack commented on having to get out of there because who knows what else is going to come through the door next pretty amusing.

It's kind of amazing Bester is still alive, what with being such a ... Bester. I like how he casually tries to scan the people in the conference room only to get slapped down by a surprisingly strong Lyta. Bester's monologue at the end is super creepy and WHY is he saying all that stuff out loud? The girlfriend is in cryo freeze anyway, so she can't hear him, but why not tell her the whole story telepathically? Of course that'd make it harder for the audience to be filled in, but it would be rather safer for Bester. What if someone heard him?

Poor regent Virini No pastels for you.

Zack and his pizza. Classic.
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