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Attention forum Moderator!

Looking for a mod to sort this out...

Kevin Long (Republibot 3.0 on here) just posted the following on facebook. Can anyone help him get his account reset?

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0
Well, that's annoying as frack. I've been a member of B5TV.Com for at least five years now, it's the last B5 site I participate in, not that there's a lot of choices anymore. Somehow I got logged out, and I can't log in. Forgot my password or something. "Ok," sez I, "Well, I don't call myself 'Republibot 3.0' anymore, anyway, I'll just re-register under 'Kevin Long.'" Alas, I can't do it. It won't let me. Says my email account is already used, and no matter what I try (Which ...admittedly isn't much because I'm an idiot and can't think of a lot of options) gets me nowhere.

So basically I'm locked out, and will never be able to get back in again.

I want back in. I was in the middle of several conversations. On the other hand, there's really only about five people who still post there, so I'm not even sure if I should try to figure it out. I mean, I got a ton of other crap going on, I don't really have the spare time.

First World Problems, I know. If anyone FROM B5TV.COM sees this, sound off.

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