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Re: The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode

On the "David Sheridan" incident, there are several notes Joe wrote about a planned 3-part episode in season five where he comes back from the future to stop his parents from becoming fascist in leading the alliance. It's in his year five outline in the scriptboks and his season five notecards that are in the "Artifacts" book.

As for Lennier, Joe told Bill he was going to die in the telepath war before that episode was written. Bill Mumy mentions it in one of his interviews and Joe's reassurance that it would happen after year five.


Originally Posted by Bill Mumy
When I read that Lennier was toasted as one who had fallen [in Sleeping in Light], at first I tried to appeal that. I went to Joe and said, "Does he have to die?" and Joe said, "He dies in the great telepath war. He'll die like a hero, and it's way down the line; it's two movies down the line." I said, "Yeah, but he has to die?" and Joe said, "Yes, he's dying. He'll die like a hero and it will be great death, and it's after the fifth season" and blah blah blah.

That's Lennier's fate: he dies in the great telepath war somewhere down the line in the future.

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