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Re: The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode

I haven't read Peter David's Centauri Trilogy in about 15 years, so my memory is a little hazy, but putting all the hints and clues together I was expecting something along the lines of what you posit here. Maybe that's why JMS was never interested in pursuing this plotline in a TV movie – we could already find the major plotpoints in previous episodes and there was no point doing something just to show people what they already know must have happened.

It was certainly set up that way in Objects at Rest: first Lennier's betrayal and then Londo giving Sheridan and Delenn the urn with the keeper; the presence of the two dangling plot points in what was meant to be a wrapping up episode cannot be a coincidence and that they had t relate to each other

But maybe having Lennier sacrifice himself to save Sheridan Jr proved a little bit too neat, a bit too obvious, which may have caused JMS to kill Lennier in the Telepath War instead. Plus, if JMS was thinking about a theatrical movie, he might have wanted to move some of his plots and character beats into that and showcase them there. So maybe Lennier ended up in the telepath war because JMS wanted him in the movie?
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