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Re: Babylon 5 panel at Megacon 2012

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
Babylon 5 Panel
Megacon Convention Report
February 18 2012

Meeting Bruce Boxleitner, Peter Jurasik, and Stephen Furst at the signing area


Bruce looked at the shirt first and said, "Claudia!", noting that she was doing a convention in Belfast Ireland with Patricia Tallman, and that Claudia had said it was the worst convention with nobody showing up to see them.
First, thanks for the great reporting job.

I don't know what Claudia expected, in Ireland, 14 YEARS after Babylon 5 finished its original airings. In London, I bet they'd have gotten a better turnout. I don't know how much trouble it is to get to Belfast from mainland Europe, but I imagine London's certainly an easier destination, given the under-channel, train tunnel. Still, without something new in the production pipeline, B5 fan attendance at conventions is bound to tail off. The whole situation, with nothing in the Babylon 5 universe able to really get off the ground since the series ended in 1998, and our beloved stars appearing at conventions with nothing new in the Babylon 5 universe to promote, is just plain SAD.

Warner Brothers is mainly to blame for this. Back in 2001, Crusade was the natural pick-up point for stories in the Babylon 5 universe, but The Sci-Fi Channel (US) and Warner Brothers dropped the ball, The Sci-Fi Channel (US), now Syfy. went insane, wanting to distance themselves from science-fiction, and Warner Brothers has been fumbling the B5/Crusade ball constantly for the past 11 YEARS.

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
I also told him that when they announced after the Season 1 summer break that Bruce Boxleitner would be joining the cast as the new captain, I felt it was a natural fit. Bruce opined, "You think that? There were some that didn't".
Having discovered Babylon 5 with Season 3 Episode 21, watching through to the end of Season 5, and then starting around at the beginning and watching it straight through to the end , the movies and Crusade, the transition from Sinclair to Sheridan looked natural and story-driven, to me. <shrug> I like both Sinclair and Sheridan.
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