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Re: The Babylon 5 Preservation Project

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All I can say is read here . . . . . Babylon 5 Preservation Project . . . . . and decide for yourself. There is a comments section so you should be able to ask Jason directly.
Perhaps I really should. This is one of the few B5 related projects that just doesn't feel... right.
I see it as a 'Making of...' book, which would be very different to the script books or the encyclopaedia. I think Jason Davis actually alludes to the previous David Bassom 'Creating Babylon 5' book, which only went up to the end of season 2, and also Jane Killick's books, but Davis' book is being done with a) the benefit of 20-25 years hindsight and b) no restrictions on what he can include in it, unlike the official books. I don't think we actually have a book like that yet, and while some of that info is already out there to an extent in various magazine articles and the B5scrolls website, nobody has ever collected it all together, plus it sounds like Davis has access to unreleased info too.

If anything, I think it's important to document a lot of the behind-the-scenes information in print, if only for posterity. Now if only it could be illustrated with concept sketches etc etc.

I was iffy over the encyclopaedia and ended up not buying it, but I'm very much in support of this book. Of course, YMMV.
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