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Re: Possible 2018 San Diego Comic Con Panel

Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post
For me it's just sour grapes cause I'm on the other side of the planet.
Many people from the "other side of the planet" go to San Diego Comic Con every year.

I may have mentioned this before, but I was at Space City Comic Con 2016 in Houston, TX. The Con organizer picked a theme of making it a Sons of Anarchy Anniversary Convention. I have never seen a minute of that show and was at the Con to see other people. I believe I've mentioned some of the horrors fans of Sons of Anarchy had to deal with and one of those horrors was how many of them came to the show from the "other side of the planet" only to end up extremely disappointed. I was amazed how many people were big enough fans of Sons of Anarchy that they spent a whole lot of money and came all the way from places like England, Sweden, Germany, and Australia just to be at that Con. I know because I heard them complaining, loudly, how much they spent and how far they came only to end up dealing with all the terrible stuff that happened at that Con. Having said this you should know that I'm pretty sure I've heard multiple times that Space City Comic Con's organizer was not very organized. San Diego Comic Con is a Well-Oiled Con Machine. Sure people cancel, but they don't show up in San Diego and then refuse to see fans until they are paid. SDCC knows what they are doing.
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