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Re: Babylon 5 Complete Series VUDU Sale

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
So there were two U.S. VHS release. The main WB VHS release did the same thing as the laserdiscs, 1, 5, part of 2 and part of 4. The mail order company COLUMBIA HOUSE started releasing two episode VHS tapes prior to the WB release. I don't know if they did all 5 seasons, but I don't think so. Like the laserdiscs, the COLUMIBIA HOUSE release was pretty ridiculous. I remember I started buying them and I think it was $24.95 per TWO EPISODE tape. To my knowledge, the entire series was not released on VHS in the U.S.
The Laserdiscs were also sold with two episodes per disc. They were priced about the same as Columbia House VHS tapes. I have Laserdiscs Volume 5.3 through 5.7 (Season 5 Episodes "The Paragon of Animals" through "The Ragged Edge"). I had recorded all the episodes for season 1-4 on my VHS hifi VCR from the PTEN syndicated broadcasts. I couldn't watch season 5 on TNT because I didn't have cable, it still isn't available in my area and DirecTV and Dish Network hadn't been established yet. The only way I would have been able to watch TNT and TBS would be to put up a 10 ft diameter or bigger C-band satellite dish, buy a lot of hardware to down convert the scrambled signal and pay each provider a monthly fee to descramble and watch their programming. I stopped buying the LDs when DVDs became available and production was shifted from LDs to DVDs. That was the first time I saw rest of season 5 and Crusade was when I purchased the DVDs.
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