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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Sadly, I did see a couple of episodes of Celebrity Rehab with Jeff on it and I came away with an abiding disgust for 'Dr. Drew' who capitalizes on people's pain. Yes, Jeff was portrayed poorly and behaved badly. But since I never met him, I prefer to think of him as JMS drew him in his tribute to the departed cast members - as a man who rebuilt his career after drugs had destroyed it once before with courage and no resentment.

I'm torn: Is Drew Pinsky a good guy who has been corrupted by celebrity and easy money, or is the always-corrupt son of an unsuccessful actress that realized getting a degree could grant him celebrity and easy money?

Because I used to like him when he first hit the public eye, and he seemed helpful, but now I'm kind of ashamed to admit I ever felt like that. Because every time I see him, he's just kind of low-key despicable.

Poor Jeff. He was getting used by a lot of people at the end there, and I wonder if he knew it or not. Was he allowing himself to be used because at least he'd get some help/money that way, or was he too far gone to even realize what was being done to him? Poor guy.

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