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I always liked O'Hare's performance except for his scenes with Blaire Baron (in The Gathering), with whom he had zero chemistry. That scene, discussing The Battle of the Line was filled with bad acting, by both of them. It was just a bad scene. They should've done it a few more times and had good direction.
They probably intended to do retakes after principle photography was done,, then were told it was being trimmed way back. in the preliminary edit. Or, conversely, the trimmed version we got might have been an attempt to salvage something from a scene that just wasn't working.
um that scene was cut in the original pilot. the full scene was there in the "special edition.". Personally I think o'hare is awesome in that scene.
I don't see how your comment relates to either of the quotes. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just dont' understand what you said. Can you restate?

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