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Re: Lochley - Good or Bad???

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
When the show was first broadcast, I did have a distaste for Lochley because I liked Ivanova so much and Lochley felt too much of a replacement instead of a character on her own. But now, given time for the wound of Ivanova leaving to scar over, I've come to appreciate Lochley as a her own independent character. I do think that the season five telepath arc was definitely weakened by Ivanova's leaving, but I've tried to look at it the same way I look at the weakening of the Control personality arc that Takashima would have had.
Hmm thats as good a reason as any. But i never saw it this way as i saw crusade before any seasons of Babylon 5, in which lochley appeared a number of times so i liked the character from there on. Speaking of Laurel Takashima ive heard nothing of what happened to her character after the pilot film, what gives??? lol
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