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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

This was the first B5 episode I ever saw, and it so blew me away that I was converted at first sight. And the scene that clinched it for me? The one where G'Kar has his Dust enhanced vision and is informed by Kosh that some must be sacrificed so that all may be saved. It still sends a shiver up my spine.
Wow. That surprises me, somehow. I was a late to start watching B5 on a regular basis, but somehow figured you'd have to know something of the G'kar character to really get that scene.

Obviously the background given in that episode was enough to reel you in.

I shouldn't be surprised. If there is one thing JMS did for actors it is to show a lot of people that "this guy/gal has a much bigger range than any of you realized".

Walter Koenig: I think even JMS mentioned he knew how much more than "Chekov" he could be.

Andreas Katsulas: although I think now "The Fugitive" is his most mentioned role, hhis best role was that of G'kar.

Brad Dourif (sp?): I'd seen him many times in the movie Dune, and I was stunned to see just how much he could draw me into his acting when he was playing a sympathetic part.

I'm sure there are many others, these are the three that stand out in my mind.
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