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Re: EpDis: Survivors

I like this episode because I thought it dealt with Garibaldi's alchoholism rather seriously. Perhaps it "sings" to me a bit more because my wife had her own bout with alcoholism, and has had to come to terms with addictive/self-destructive behaviors (she's been getting much better over the last year).

I found it very realistic that all it took was some extreme stress and some free booze and Garabaldi was back in the bottle.

In a lot of shows, Garabaldi would have went undercover, gotten his fake identicard, and figured out the conspiracy by himself, proving that it was really a frame job. We've all seen this story line in numerous TV shows and movies.

Instead, he ends up a drunk mo-fo and gets captured. Kudos for an atypical (and more realistic) character storyline.

Yes, the whole "stop the bomb at 1 second" thing is overdone, and that is definitely a sour note. But the character story is good, and breaks with tradition. B.
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