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Re: The Original Battlestar Galactica

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I don't know about that, but the psychic thing is straight from the mouth of Richard Hatch at a convention I attended about 2005 which had pretty much all the surviving cast bar Maren Jenson. He was going to develop some of the funky powers of the Lords of Kobol that Adama alluded to on occasion.
Meaning no disrespect to Hatch, who's a super-nice guy, but he misremembers a lot. Listen to the commentary track for the BSG box set. The others are all like, "Yeah, I remember this scene. Right after this I got a haircut" and "Oh, sure, they signed me as a recurring character, but you guys got signed as principles for 24 hours," and other very specific memories. Hatch is like, "What's this? I don't remember this." and "Oh, yeah, this, this, this is the scene, wait....what is this again?"

So talking about Season 2 is basically asking an actor to remember a show from 28 years ago THAT HE NEVER MADE. (Caps intended to be funny, not actually yelling). I'd be surprised if anyone could remember anything with any detail over that space of time.

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I may be misremembering but didn't Adama display some limited telekinesis in War of the Gods?
Yes, he did. He moved a paperweight with his mind, and mentions that he studied psychic research at the academy in his youth, and drove his wife crazy bending spoons.

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Edit: actually I'm just reading the second season proposal on the wiki right now. I'd not noticed it before. Interesting stuff. It confirms that Apollo would have left Blue Squadron and it would have been Starbuck that became psychic, not Apollo (so either Hatch misremembered or I did).
Probably Hatch.

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I hate what they wanted to do to Apollo, and a complete contradiction of the character he never thought about stepping down after Serena was killed. Don't like the idea of Sheba being killed either.
Agreed. Apollo was kind of a schlub of a character, but he WAS a character. He was very duty-oriented, very loyal, none of this "I've got to find myself" touchy-feely crap.

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Larson was going to bring Isaac Asimov on board as a consultant and writer! Now that would have been interesting, especially with his fascination with robots.

Sounds like it would have been mixed - some good, some bad.
I remember reading that a long time ago, but I'm not sure if it was a done deal or not. I know they'd talked, I think I read something where Asimov mentioned it in passing and was rather cool on the idea. Probably would have if they paid him.

Would it have been good or bad? "The Return of Pegasus" actually sounds kinda' cool, just based on death toll alone. The rest of the episodes sound terrible, though, and we both agree they were gonna' ruin Apollo.

I think whether it was good or bad would depend on how many BTS people they were able to bring over from the first season again. Because the first season didn't really figure out what it wanted to be until the Terra arc, and what we see here sounds like they were ditching that and moving in a safer direction.

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