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Re: EpDis: Meditations On The Abyss

I can't help but think that it was foolish of Delenn to go to such a vulnerable place to meet Lennier, but you have to admit, she took care of herself! Minbari fingers must have strength! I was surprised that Lennier told her what Morden prophecied - that seems slightly out of character, admitting such a weakness.

Apparently even over 200 years from now, fast food places start with "Mc". The Vir subplot is amusing.

Captain Montoya is a very likeable character. He shows good judgement and wisdom in the way he handles Lennier and Findell. The latter is definitely not like most Minbari we have met, and I must chime in with those who don't particularly like him. I can't imagine such a whiny Ranger.

Favourite G'Kar line in this episode: "From laughter comes wisdom."
'The road goes ever on and on...' (JRRT)
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