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Re: Indiana Comic Con Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2019

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
As for the brewery hopping, beer is my passion and I work for two breweries!
I am glad you have a passion. Definitely not my "cup-of-tea." Never been a fan. Only beer I've ever actually enjoyed was called Tyskie I believe.

Anyway, decided against the trip. Just not worth the total expense from any angle I try to work it. Very annoying that they don't have their own parking at the convention center, or it is already totally full with pre-paid passes. Oh well I guess I should start saving for the next big B5 convention anyway. The only reason I started on this Con was Koenig. I was hoping some other B5 people would join him, but that didn't materialize though Michael Rooker was on Jeremiah.
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