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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
You can change tweets after they've been sent? Isn't that kind of too late? Or did you re-send them?

Just curious...

You can't edit the tweets in twitter, but you can delete them (trashcan symbol), and then put new tweets in their place,

I copy the existing tweets to a new draft email in gmail (It's just a scratchpad area really.), delete the tweets, type the new tweet text in the email draft, go to the place in twitter where I want to put the new tweets, copy and paste the text from the email draft, and then send the new tweets.

The thing is, you have to retweet the tweet you're replying to, so it's sitting in your tweet history so you don't lose it due to scrolling. Otherwise, you lose the place to hang the replacement tweets. Alternately, you can put up the replacement tweets before you delete the old ones.

For this time, I just went to the Photos on my twitter profile page, scrolled across to the B5 & Crusade pictures that were there because they were in mu "Ahem." tweet, clicked on the link to the tweet at the bottom, and went to the thread that way.

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