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Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

I never was much interested* in the new B5 theatrical release (remake or reimagining) due to, IMO:
  1. Babylon 5 having been made well enough the first time.
  2. Too much time having passed in the real world (Sept. 1st will mark 16 years since the last ep. of Crusade first aired on TNT.).
  3. Too many original cast members having passed beyond the rim necessitating a large percentage of new cast members and recasting (new actors as original B5 characters and/or original B5 actors as new characters).
  4. Too many false/failed starts (Crusade TV show killed by TNT-Atlanta (the poisonous, spiteful entity that seems to have killed the B5 universe.), Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers "Sci-Fi Channel Original" backdoor pilot that went nowhere, Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows script that never got filmed, owned by others and looks like it'll remain under wraps forever, and Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (Voices in the Dark) single, very low budget, DVD release.

...but has there been any news on the latest B5 theatrical release that JMS was going to self-finance with partners (as opposed to crowd funding) for 2016 or so? Has JMS given up on it or pushed it off due to Sense8, etc.?.

Somebody asked on Twitter:

@MacBreck @pinojo please tell me that B5 is being reborn! If so, you made my day!

So, I asked JMS on Twitter and got no response, though I'd have been shocked to get a response from him. Maybe, I committed an affront or slight by asking about B5 at a time he rolling out Sense8 ? Maybe he has me muted. I dunno. <shrug>. I haven't been paying attention to JMS for a long time.

About the only B5 related thing I'd really be interested in, now, is a continuation and completion of Babylon 5: Crusade in novels, and I'm NEVER going to get that because JMS isn't interested.

* However, I would have seen and supported it due to loyalty to B5 (1993-1998) & Crusade (1999).
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