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Re: The races of Babylon 5 based on fictional sci-fi books

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds reminded me more of the Non-Aligned Movement started by the Bandung Conference in 1955, a response by many third-world nations to the Cold War and the last vestiges of colonialism. These nations had little say in the direction of the emerging world order, and wanted to assert more say by banding together. Likewise, the Non-Aligned worlds felt they were given little say (c.f. Deathwalker) in Galactic affairs and were willing to flex their muscles as a group when need be to have more say. But they ended up divided in the Shadow War, which was kind of analogous to the Cold War (non-engagement between Shadows and Vorlons, using younger races as proxies)--just as no real third-world bloc emerged strong enough to counter the use of these nations as pawns in the Cold War.

The ISA was kind of like a European Union though, only encompassing most of the "world" (galaxy).
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