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Re: Bye-bye IFC

You pay to get that channel, it's part of what you pay for your satellite/cable tv service. If you pay more, you get better channels, and many more of them (we tend to have "basic" cable, "extended basic" and then all sorts of packages that you can add like five HBO channels, Showtime channels, etc.

The bottom line for having good movie channels: you will miss many great movies you'd never have a chance to hear about by word-of-mouth.

Although I am less annoyed about the commercial options, I live where there are much mroe limited choices. I just can't believe what has happened to "specialty" channels. I mean, they've all cheapened their formats and kind of lost the reason I wanted to see them in the first place.

Am I remembering correctly when I recall that in college, Bravo was a great channel on which to watch foreign films? And filmed plays, like "Master Harold and the Boys" and "Sizwe Banzi is Dead"? (These were anti-apartheid British plays.)

I noticed our cable company added Bravo, and I checked it out last summer.
It's all reruns, now.
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