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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Lochley is beginning to grate a little bit at some points in this episode, as though she is going out of her way to be antagonistic. She may not have a personal beef with Bester, but she damn well knows that he is persona non gratis on B5, the least she could do to be diplomatic to the people she works with is to keep Bester at arm’s length, rather than sitting around drinking tea with him. At least she is able to foil his plans at the end. Bester takes it all remarkably well!
I *loved* that Lochley didn't allow the prejudices of the previous command to color her relations with Bester! It's exactly what she should have done, IMO. As she said, he hadn't done anything to her personally and she was going to have to be the one dealing with him in the future.

I haven’t spoken about the hole left by Ivanova this season yet. I’m not going to compare Lochley to Ivanova or expect Lochley to act like Ivanova – they are two different characters – but there is an energy and a irreverence and a charm missing to the show that Ivanova brought that the other command staff characters lack and it did feel missing in this episode, what with grumpy, suspicious Garibaldi, Bester the villain, Byron the weeping willow, and Lochley’s rigidity.
Ivanova's sarcasm at times (What, doesn't anything com under warranty anymore?) was about the only thing I missed about her. I preferred that Lochley was a thinker and I'm sure that's how she managed to get through Clark's regime with her crew safe. I also loved her conflict with Garibaldi.

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