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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

Ah, another excellent episode. It's just back to back amazing arc episodes here, it's hard to judge them separately.

All the Earth stuff building up is great, but the side story with Lady Morella is really good, too.

About the Lady Morella story: It's nice that it has all this extra meta stuff encoded within it, with her being the royal widow, played by Majel Barrett. But, if you've never heard of her or Star Trek, that doesn't take anything away from this episode, either. The story stands on its own, and Lady Morella is easily the most impressive female Centauri character on the whole show (to be fair, there wasn't much competition )

Once again, I love Vir in this. "Yes, another cloth, please", and how he starts laughing when Lady Morella tells him he will be emperor, too.

Lady Morella's prophecy sure is confusing and prophecy-like I guess there is still no consensus on exactly what Londo's two squandered opportunities were, and what this eye business is all about, exactly. I see it's been mostly settled that the one who is already dead is indeed Sheridan, but that still leaves me confused about what exactly happens with Londo when he does not kill Sheridan.

The Earth plot is so, so good. I love that scene early on in this episode where Sheridan and Ivanova are talking to Lt. General O'Reilly as some serious stuff is going down on Earth, and he turns a camera so they can see the outside where troops have just opened fire on the senate buildings. That message from general Hague "Everything's gone to hell, you're on your own" kinda sums it up nicely.

The Night Watch stuff is excellent. That super creepy blond-haired guy (I guess he doesn't have a name?) is enjoying it way too much when they get word that the Night Watch is to take over security.

I love how everyone gathers round the screens in the Zocalo to watch ISN, and how they cheer for General Hague. Then, Sheridan on the screens announcing that Babylon is under marital law too, as the riot breaks out.

G'Kar walking into C&C to whisper to Ivanova that he's had .... an idea is super. I still use that line somewhat regularly

Excellent "trickery" again, getting the Night Watch all into Bay 9. The scenes of both groups getting ready for this event again using the slow motion and martial music, great stuff.

Lady Morella next to Ta'Lon in the elevator

Ahh this is some of the very best of Babylon 5! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Severed Dreams!
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