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Re: Ranger pin

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Since they are about to release a new movie and possibly a series about the rangers, then do you think that JMS might re-release the ranger pin??? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'd bet on it. JMS doesn't really Like the endless merchandising and money grubbing indulged in by The Franchise, but he Does think the Fans deserve a few toys. He's a fan himself, after all. he understands.

Plus, JMS hates the Rip Off artists who are preying on us right now. He'll try to do whatever it takes to cut them off at the knees. Including making the Badges available. I'm hoping for a revival of since it included an emporium where such things could be purchased with a guarantee they were Honestly produced.

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