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Re: EpDis: Meditations On The Abyss

I tend to agree. Delenn is trying to show Lennier that she will always care for him and always be there for him. She knows how he feels for her, nothing is ever going to happen between them but she wants Lennier to know that she isn't going to change her feelings for him. He'll always be her trusted friend and ally. For Delenn that's something she would feel is important. Many people in a similar situation might take steps to distance themselves from someone who has a crush on them. Delenn doesn't want to do that, she wants to give him time to work things out and get over her without changing their relationship.

Is that going to work? Well if Lennier had met a sexy female ranger in training and fallen for her, yes. Otherwise, it depends. But I don't consider it to be an unreasonable thing for Delenn to do.
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