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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

^ To be honest, I didn't hate part one. It's pretty ok, lots of fancy action and familiar characters in their prime. I didn't even hate Jar Jar, and I think I'm in the definite minority...

Of the second movie, I don't remember much. It's all a blur in my mind. Hopping from whatever ships to other ships, loads of clones fighting. Was there ANY plot? I really have to be brave enough to invest 2 hours of my life to rewatch it.

Third movie wasn't horrible either. To be fair, my expectations were incredibly low. I was absolutely certain Lucas would botch the 'final birth of Vader' story and make it too cheesy for human consumption. With these kinds of expectations, I was rather pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I need to rewatch that one too. The first is the only one I've seen several times.

I have *tried* to be quiet about my feelings to my kids, so as to not affect their experience of the movies.
The only thing I'm adamant about is that no child of mine will watch (as their first Star Wars viewing) the mangled and retouched versions of the original trilogy. Han Solo shoots first, and that's final

On Saturday, I was with my sister in a "Star Wars Episode IV in Concert". You know, those things were there's a live symphony orchestra playing all the music and there's a huuuuuge screen, etc.
That was pretty awesome I almost didn't even care that the movie version was the "new" one
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