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Re: EpDis: Meditations On The Abyss

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
My feeling is that she *should* have made it very clear that there was no hope then or ever. And he could have still been part of the show and done much of what he did only with Sheridan requesting him to find out about the Centauri rather than Delenn. I'm sure JMS could have come up with a reason why only Lennier was suitable for the job. Then we'd've had the tragi-comedy of watching their awkward interactions.
I think that they should've had an open discussion about the situation. Bring it all out in the open. Yes, it would've been awkward but a) they were Minbari religous caste and thus I think they were trained to think (also difficult issues) and express their thoughts, b) it would've been correct of Delenn to act how an employer should act (basically that was what she was in relation to Lennier) and take charge of a potentially uncomfortable and flammable situation. She was the ambassador, diplomat, leader - she should've acted as one.
How that could've been done properly within a 40-minute episode without resorting to easy choices is another matter, but, you know, that's how it should've been done had Delenn and Lennier been "real people" as opposed to fictional characters where this whole triangle had to be upheld in order to things to progress as they did... (what a horribly convoluted sentence that was...sorry!)
On the other hand, people don't act rationally, people don't talk openly when it's obvious that would be the only intelligent way to act. People assume, and don't speak out loud. So in that way, B5 imitates life. Yay...

Also, what Jan said: if they had "defused" the triangle in the oldfashioned way of actually talking about it, we might have had a whole other relationship plotline where Sheridan, Delenn and Lennier would have had to figure out how to coexist with the open knowledge of the (un)requited love-issues. Considering the generally excellent writing of B5 storylines, that might have been really interesting as well!

Hello to Lennier's Tears!!!! So good to see you here! I've read so many of your old posts (and agreed with most of them) and thought "oh damn, that was three years ago, that person is not here anymore". I'm very glad I was wrong

I can continue with B5 on Sunday... my kids live with me every second week, and when they're here, I'm not really able to concentrate on my "own" tv shows. With them, it's other stuff, like Stargate Atlantis
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