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Re: EpDis: Meditations On The Abyss

Yeah I started a rewatch and another rewatch and a few others. I should post after every episode I watch, but unfortunately I either have big gaps in my viewing or I start watching and find it difficult to just watch one. Plus it is true I do just ramble. No one is interested in most of what I say, so I don't count on getting replies.

So here is a Delenn / Lennier question. How is Delenn supposed to act toward Lennier? Not a new question, but a question I don't think anyone will ever be able to answer correctly and still allow Lennier to be a part of the show. She knows the situation, but she also knows she needs Lennier. What is she to do? The right thing to do is put some distance and a whole lot of time between them, but how does she live without his critical support? I definitely agree that her behavior can almost seem cruel at times, but I always ask myself how could she do it differently without cutting things off completely?
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