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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

I'm a HUGE fan of the original, untampered, trilogy.
I had my hopes SO low for The Force Awakens, I was pleasantly surprised. It was ok. Far better than parts I-III, and more in the "honest adventure" style of the original trilogy instead of just hours of digital tricks. Story-telling was back!
The Last Jedi I guess was ok - felt like just what it is: a mid-episode in a three part story. I don't really care much about Kyle, and Luke was quite annoying in his self-pity.
Rogue One I appreciated very much. Back in the spring I and two of my friends held our annual Movie Marathon, and this year the theme was Star Wars so we watched all those three. After seeing Rogue One for the second time (first time of course in the movie theatre) I said that I cannot say I *like* this movie. You know, in a "oooh it's wonderful, let's watch it again <3" kind of way. I feel too many difficult and heavy emotions during Rogue One. For me it's a *hard* movie to watch. A powerful one. It's not something to watch to make you feel better. I cannot take it lightly.
Ok then, onto the Solo movie. Again, I had zero (positive) expectations. I didn't miss Harrison Ford for obvious reasons - this was supposed to be Solo in his very early twenties so let's be real

I didn't much care for the beginning. Mostly because I just couldn't see properly what was going on on the screen! It was very dark and I couldn't tell the characters apart.
But oh, the moment Chewie took his rightful place on Millenium Falcon's co-pilot's seat... I smiled so hard my face hurt! That's epic stuff right there!
I'm a sucker for origins and backgrounds so stuff like "how Han got his last name", "what was the sabacc hoax we heard of in Ep5 all about", "when and why did the famous Kessel run happen", or "with millions of stars in the galaxy, how did Han end up on Tatooine in Ep4, what was the deal with Tatooine being a 'remarkable' place" really got my mood up.

Chewie was great - and oh, btw, the actor is a Finn, so from my country
The guy playing Han did a decent job. Woody Harrelson is always great, and I've always liked Paul Bettany. Emilia Clarke is one of those actors where I watch her and cannot decide if a) I swoon in admiration of her beauty and talent, or b) I'm completely and utterly annoyed by her looks and ways of acting. The jury is still out. Ms Clarke is a tough actor for me
And Lando was brilliant!
So maybe Solo wasn't an A+++++ kind of "classic is born" but it has nothing to be ashamed of. It's a decent member of SW movie continuum, and it honours the tone of the original trilogy.

Oh, and my 11-year-old son (well, 10 yrs at the time) loved the Solo movie.
(ok, he's not the most critical viewer when it comes to SW movies, he even enjoys parts I-III.... the horror.....!)
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