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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) -SPOILERS-

So does anyone want to talk about this one?

I saw it last night, 05.24.2018. I was pleasantly surprised. After avoiding all trailers, hearing people murmur about controversies, and thinking to myself that this movie was completely unnecessary I feel I must say that I am so glad I saw it. I didn't care for the first bit of it, but once it got rolling I loved it. I did feel that Han was the weakest character, but the actor did a pretty decent job with it. As I said over on JMS News, I would love to see a sequel where somehow Han isn't the focal point. This movie is setup for sequels, but I don't see them making them the way I suggested. I also pointed out that while that I think Rogue One might be a better movie overall, I think there are parts of this that I enjoyed far more than seeing all of Rogue One. So yeah after I got into it I loved it. And I am sure the Star Wars fan community is buzzing about it. I think the movie managed to defuse some of the controversy they have been spouting off about, while at the same time it likely ignited some new controversy for them to spout off about.

But I can't say I am a die hard fan. I enjoy the movies. My cousin on the other hand loves the movies and reads all the books and what not. She was dreading this movie. I texted with her after and she said she was pleasantly surprised. She didn't love it and there were parts she hated, but in the end she was glad she saw it because it was not what she was dreading after all. But she kind of reiterated what I said, this movie might have defused some controversies while igniting other controversies. I guess you all will have to see it to find out what I am talking about.

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