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Re: Biggest unanswered questions...

1. Probably bombed centuries ago by allies of the Vorlons..

2. The Eye (controlled by an imprisoned Wierden for a thousand years) was turned away by Galen which allowed the White Star to approach unhindered. Reference Passing of the Techno-mages: Invoking Darkness

3. The Vorlons did NOT build the Great Machine. The Builders were an unknown race that Joe was planning on doing a movie of the week about with TNT. Sadly it never came to pass. Reference[/QUOTE]

1. Well, sure, but which ones? And what sort of allies would have the firepower to attack the Shadows' homeworld in such a devastating fashion? This capability is far beyond Sheridan's attack with one ship and two warheads. The heavy cratering seems kind of similar to the effects of a Shadow planet killer, more than anything else we've seen.

2. I know, I read it and took notes.

3. I just knew you would respond to that, thanks! Sounds like that nixed tv movie would have been a hell of a story. I definitely want to know more about Sinclair becoming Valen, and the rather fishy story we heard from Lennier about the 'real reason' for the Minbari surrender at the Battle of the Line.

Another thing I would like to know is, who was Justin? His explanation of his function in the galaxy was certainly colorful, but not very revealing. I think JMS stated that Justin was not on the Icarus mission, he arrived separately. One of the books, I think in the Psi Corps trilogy, says that an Earth Alliance presidential advisor went off on a secret mission, and I think he made a stop at Ganymede. Do I have that right? My books are 800 miles away so I can't check that just now. If Justin volunteered to go to Z'ha'dum to be Earth's representative to the Shadows, it sounds like he was planning on a one-way trip. He essentially went to live among the demons in Hell in service to Earth, to make their grand deal with the Shadows work, and get their hands on all of that sexy tech. Pretty dedicated. I guess he brought a lot of tea for his stay there.

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