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Biggest unanswered questions...

I'm looking forward to seeing my B5 Encyclopedia, but I have to wait another week and a half because I'm out of town. I'm not sure what I'll be looking up first.

But I do have a list in my head of big, unanswered questions about the B5 universe. I bet some of you do as well.

Who bombarded Z'ha'dum, and when? And how many times did it happen? The planet's surface is covered in craters, completely devastated apart from a system of pylons that spreads across that world, probably Shadow tech systems linked to the Great Eye, the uber-planetary defense system (which failed to detect or intercept the White Star carrying two huge fusion warheads on a suicide run, it's almost as if someone was asleep at the switch...). The Shadows used to have cities on the surface, but moved them underground long ago for protection. I believe the Shadow-Vorlon rules of non-engagement were in effect for most of the history of their great proxy wars, meaning that a Vorlon bombardment of the Shadows' homeworld would be an invitation for a Shadow bombardment of the Vorlon homeword. Since that was such a momentous decision for Kosh to make, ending eons of agreement that there would be no direct conflict between the two ancient hyperpowers, it seems unlikely that the Vorlons carried out such an attack. So did one of the younger races do it, like the Minbari? Were they even capable of interstellar travel when it happened? Or some race we don't know about, that may have departed known space or gone extinct? Or the Shadows themselves? Now that would be chaotic behavior (do they get points for consistency?). And did the bombardment happen before or after the Vorlons built the Great Machine?

Who else has questions they're hoping to find answers to in the B5 Encyclopedia?

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