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Re: Archive of American Television

Honestly my main problem is that B5 would likely be much more respected and celebrated if DS9 had never existed. The fact that DS9 exists is something that forever tainted B5. From the fact that it kept Trek fans from giving B5 a chance back then, thereby helping to limit exposure and recognition. To the fact that it created this controversy, which seems to not matter now but is in fact the largest problem B5 ever faced and will ever face. In a perfect world DS9 would never have happened and B5 would have been the ratings hit it could have been, which means it would have had more success and a chance to grow with REAL budgets. We would likely be talking multiple movies and if the franchise had died down then there would be a definite reboot in this day and age. The reality is that even if JMS goes ahead with a feature film reboot there will be thousands of voices across the internet incorrectly describing B5 as the DS9 ripoff. So yeah, I wish DS9 never existed.
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