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I think JMS gave the Star Trek guys a detailed overview of his vision for Babylon 5. And then, suddenly, Star Trek does its first series not set on a starship but on a space station. With Star Trek's first arc-planned storyline. And a leader who become a religious figure. And... but sadly I really liked DS9, too.
The question is whether Rick Berman and Michael Piller saw the overview or whether the execs (who definitely had done) suggested themes which later ended up being the main ones of the show. I suspect they didn't. Despite The Dominion supposedly having conquered hundreds of planets we don't even hear about them until season 2. If the whole show had been based on JMS's ideas they'd have existed right from the start. It would only take a few comments from executives to steer the show in a more B5 direction.

"Every episode is on the station or in those tiny runabouts - Can't we give them their own starship?"
"Can't we have a big enemy for the show? You know like an enemy race that they'll fight for most the later episodes?"

Stuff like that would easily send a creative mind to make something much more like B5. I don't think you need to choose between DS9 and B5. You can like them both. But it's only fair to acknowledge that there obviously was some theft going on.
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