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Re: Telepathy - why not use it more often?

Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
KoshFan, I've wondered that as well. Since the Centauri have telepaths, I have long thought that the Vorlons once favored them, or at least saw them as a useful race which should be gifted with telepathic genes. Just because you invite someone to your party and give them a slice of cake doesn't mean they wouldn't make good cannon fodder, right? But somewhere along the way, the Vorlons lost interest, or were disappointed by their bloodthirsty ways, and dropped their project to cultivate the Centauri. The younger races, excluding the Centauri, all seem to have been targets of the Vorlons' angel trick. But we don't know how long that particular Vorlon project was going on, it might have been a more recent gambit. Telepaths, however, have been around for at least a thousand years, since the Narn 'mindwalkers' fought the Shadows in the previous Shadow War. I would think the Vorlons' telepath project is much older than that, but can't say for sure. But it does seem clear that at some point the Vorlons gave up on the Centauri: "They are alone. They are a dying people. We should let them pass." No beings of light for them, I guess.

As for an historic connection with the Shadows, what do you mean? The Centauri Empire's great expansion and conquest of other races followed their discovery of a jumpgate in their home system, which enabled them to become a space-faring power rather quickly. And the Vorlons are the prime suspects for having built the jumpgates and placed them around the galaxy, but again, this is not certain. And when the Shadows blasted their way onto the galactic stage, the Centauri didn't seem to recognize them at all, but the Minbari and Narn certainly did. When the Drakh showed up in 2261, Londo mentioned that he knew of them from legends, but there wasn't much more than that, not about their origins, their misdeeds, nothing. No Centauri ever mentions having even heard of a Shadow War happening a thousand years ago, or before that, unless I am mistaken. The Centauri, despite having exploded out into the galaxy, never seemed to develop any real interest in anyone's history but their own. Rather, they were blinded by their own blood-soaked glories. Surely they ran across some of the old, dead, bombarded worlds we saw in B5 and Crusade, but maybe they just didn't care to learn more.

I'm trying to remember, did the Technomages have any Centauri members in the book trilogy? By the time they appeared in B5, humans had become the dominant race in that order, displacing another race called the Tiratimude, which has apparently not been making many waves across the galaxy recently. Kind of funny that humans were represented strongly in the order of Technomages, and then the Shadows chose humanity to be their next servant race, or even their successors. I'm not sure what to make of that dynamic just yet.

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The Taratimude weren't making waves because they were extinct, having wiped themselves out in fighting after Wierden founded The Circle from among the other races offered the tech.

Yes, Carvin was Centauri and was Alwyn's apprentice.

No The Vorlons are NOT responsible for the jumpgate network. it was an unknown race that built them circa 4800 BCE, the jumpgate builders disappeared circa 200 CE. Reference To Dream in the City of Sorrows.
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